Conilon coffee – 3rd edition [e-Book]

Conilon Coffee – 3rd edition

Looking for a quality reading to get to know the background of Conilon coffee? Then Discover the book Conilon coffee made available by Incaper.

What is Incaper?
Incaper (Capixaba Institute of Research, Technical Assistance and Rural Extension) is responsible for the elaboration and execution of programs and projects that provide sustainable rural development in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

What is the content of the book? The book has the following content:
1. Coffea Canephora
2. Economic and Social Importance of Conilon Coffee in the State of Espirito Santo.
3. Agroclimatic zoning for conilon coffee culture in the state of
4. Origin, geographical dispersion, taxonomy and genetic diversity of coffeea canephora
5. Physiological aspects of conilon coffee
6. Coffea canephora breeding
7. Self-incompatibility and sustainable production of conilon coffee
8. Biotechnology applied to Coffea canephora
9. Cultivars of conilon coffee
10. Clonal gardens, seed production and conilon coffee seedling
11. management of conilon coffee cultivation: plantin spacing
12. Soil preparation, management and conservation in conilon coffee
13. Conilon coffee nutrition
14. Conilon coffee liming and fertiliation
15. Irrigation and water management in conilon coffee
16. Weed integrated management
17. Integrad pesr management in conilon coffee
18. Conilon coffee disease management
19. Conilon coffee in agroforestry systems
20. Conilon coffee harvesting and post-harvesting
21. Conilon coffee mechanical harvesting
22. Management of conilon coffee wastewater
23. Quality and classification of conilon coffee
24. Conilon coffee industrialization
25. Conilon coffee market and trading
26. Sustainable conilon coffee cultivation
27. Conilon certification and Espirito Santo experience
28. Institutional arrangement of conilon coffee cultivation in the Espirito Santo
29. Generation, difucion and transfer an technology for conilon coffee in the state of Espirito Santo
30. Technical coefficients and production costs of conilon coffee in Espírito Santo.

Where can I read? This is a digital book available in the Incaper library. Click the button to download:

File size: 99,4MB


Original link/Source: Conilon coffee – Incaper library

Reference: FERRÃO, R. G.; FONSECA, A. F. A. da.; FERRÃO, M. A. G.; DE MUNER, L. H. (Ed.). Conilon coffee. Vitória, ES : Incaper, 2019.

Have a good reading!

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